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We are dedicated to operate licensed, multi-location, Montessori Curriculum based daycare, childcare, preschool, group daycare, multi-age childcare and before/after school child care facilities, committed in providing stimulating and positive learning environment for your children. We welcome you all…and advocate an “open door” policy to encourage regular communications in between parents and our ECE licensed AMI Montessori educators.

Award Winning
Childcare Options

North Shore families


Our curriculu incorporates diverse outdoor activities, based on universal approach to early childhood learning. While we embrace your child’s ideas, coupled with Wise Owl pre-defined, supervised, seasonal outdoor activities, while continue adopting Montessori principles, we promote the physical, social and emotional skill development of each and every child during outdoor flex play.

Wise Owl Montessori Childcare: “We do what we love most – providing loving care to our children!”

OUR MISSION: to provide safe, licensed, quality child care services in a stimulating and positive learning environment for your children and supporting our parents in improving their quality of life.

Wise Owl group daycare and Montessori Curriculum based preschool programs are dedicated to “the nurturing of independence, curiosity and grace in its students! We are very fortunate to do what we love most: guiding children to discover, explore, investigate and learn at their own pace. Our learning centers are designed to create a nurturing and supportive environment in which every student has the opportunity to experience academic and personal success.

Our multi-location, primary childcare services incorporate: Montessori curriculum based childcare, group multi-age daycare and preschool child care programs. Further to primary educational services managed and operated by licensed ECE/AMI Montessori International Certified educators, we facilitate carefully planned daily extracurricular activities including; French language, creative art, music and dance programs.

We are dedicated in providing warm, happy and enriching home environment for all of our multi-age childcare groups, up to K12. Further incorporated into our Montessori Curriculum we promote themes carefully chosen each month including subjects like “Our Earth”, “Winter Festivals”, “Antarctica”, “Our Health”, just to name a few. Introduction to dancing, acting and French Circle Time in which children are encouraged to develop at their own, individual pace are daily routines and ongoing programs.

Wise Owl is a licensed Multi-Age, Group Child Care facility and is in full compliance with all municipal and applicable health authority licensing requirements.

You are invited to visit our locations in West Vancouver, Eagle Harbor “Eagle Harbor”, Lions Bay “Nature Preschool” and Langley “Uplands” to review and evaluate our facilities and services we wish to have your children to benefit from. View our locations here.


Montessori curriculum based licensed childcare, providing preschool and full day curriculum including creative art, French language, music and dance programs.

Multi-Age Child Care

We are a licensed facility in full compliance with all municipal and applicable health authority licensing requirements facilitating before and after school care programs.

Outdoor Activities

Wise Owl philosophy is that childhood should not only be about learning but also be joyful and nourishing, exploring nature, catching butterflies and releasing fry into local streams.

Progress Reporting


Wise Owl Parents can only see information about their own children whereas, we may share current activity photos, progress reports and newsletters with individual families.

Wise Owl Montessori Childcare Inc., is proud offering curriculum-based, flexible and affordable childcare options to our families since 2007. Our fees are approved by the Ministry of Childcare Operating Funding Program, please enquire at

“My son has attended Wise Owl Montessori from Sept 2014 – June 2015. What impressed me straight away was the level of individual attention the child care providers extended to each child and parent and the efforts they made to gain an understanding of their personal environment. They took great care to ensure every child’s needs were met and actively engaged them in a healthy balance of hands on learning and constructive play. It is a friendly and positive learning environment complimented by positive reinforcement of social development guidelines. As a busy Mum of three children, flexibility is key! Wise Owl Montessori offers program schedules that work for almost any schedule and are extremely accommodating with drop offs and pick-ups. They also run an after-school program where my two older children were looked after and able to engage with their sibling in a clean and spacious environment that caters for wide range of ages. I’ve had a lot of experience with different Montessori childcare programs and found Wise Owl Montessori at Eagle Harbour to be absolutely exceptional.”

Jacinda MS

“I am so happy about the care my kids receive that I wanted to provide a positive review online because I want other parents looking for childcare to know this is a really good place.”


“We are incredibly happy with our experiences at Wise Owl Montessori pre-school and after school care. More importantly, our boys love it too! We watched as our youngest blossomed at the preschool after a challenging start. The love, care and patience he and his older brother Will, receives from their dedicated staff is quite extraordinary.
It’s a fun, safe, nurturing environment in which to leave  children. Thank you Team Wise Owl!”

Rachel H

“I am writing to you to express our thanks and appreciation the way your educators embraced Diamond and supported her developmental needs. Over the last few months we have noticed significant developments in her social and motor skills.
We are especially pleased to see how she is developing her reading and math skills, thanks to your educators and their continued contributions…
Again, we are delighted  to see all the positive changes Wise Owl made to Diamond and would you wish to recommend your Montessori Preschool to anyone, we will be delighted to do so.
Warmest Regards,”

Amy W