Multi-Age Childcare

Wise Owl programs incorporate ECD (Early Childhood Development) and Montessori International Curriculum, in full compliance with Prescribed Learning Outcomes as defined by the BC Ministry of Education and/or Montessori International, respectively.

What is ECD?

As defined by the BC Ministry of Education: “early childhood development refers to the growth that takes place from pre–conception until age six. The early years are the most critical for neurological development, as the most significant brain growth occurs in the first six years of life. The experiences of early childhood have a profound impact on the overall health and well being of individuals throughout their lifetime”.

Wise Owl Montessori Childcare is a Fraser Health/Vancouver Coastal Health licensed childcare provider supporting preschool, extended preschool and group daycare in a group and/or multi-age childcare environment in compliance with provision of care provided to children of various ages in a group setting. Our teacher to children ratios are maintained within required compliance of minimum one (1) ECE/ECEA educator for every eight children. Our Primary Montessori Program includes:

  • Sensorial Activities: provide specific opportunities for exploration which refines the senses.
  • Language materials: foster spoken, reading and writing skills.
  • Mathematical materials: offer an exciting, concrete experience of number concepts and operations.
  • Cultural subjects: which include biology, science, geography, history, art, nature, music and movement, are a broadly based and integrated part of the curriculum.